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I am Rinald Covington, owner and licensed massage and bodywork therapist of P.R.O.M.B. Also known as, Pisces Realm of Pisces Realm of Massage & Bodywork. 

Many of my clients ask me the same question everytime, "Why did you decide to become a massage therapist?"

Coming from a background in the restaurant & warehouse industry, and many other odd jobs since I was 14 years old. I was ready for a change in my life. 

My body has taken a toll of so much stress and tension, that I was unaware of until I had my very first massage. Prior to having my first massage... I had constant headaches, very bad sinus issues which in fact medication did not work at all. I had suffered from insomnia, and was depressed. 

After recieving a routine massage, it definitely made a difference in my health and most of all my life. Having no knowledge of how beneficial a massage is to the human body, I began doing my own research. 

So... In 2010, I decided to further my education, by attending Southeastern Institute of Charlotte, NC. I took on a major challenge I had never thought was possible to finish, but I successfully graduated as one of the top therapist in my class. 

Started my career as a massage therapist at Massage & Go in the NoDa district of Charlotte, NC in 2011 months after graduating. 

After Massage & Go unexpectedly closed their doors for good, a year later. I proceeded on in the early stages of my career, thanks to the resourceful clients that I had at the time. So many doors had opened for me over a short period of time. Being invited to college home comings, social events, private residential gatherings, and more. 

Discovered by a Chiropractor of Mountain Island Chiropractic of Charlotte, NC. Worked part -time for a short period of time, as an assistant performing chair massages for health clinic officials. Gained many of my own clients and helped promote more business for MIC. 

After departing from MIC, I worked for a few other spas in Charlotte. Such as Zen Massage and Massage Envy. I had even helped fellow therapist start up their own businesses. I then, realized that I alone had a lot of  potential to start my own practice. But, I took a break from massage therapy and went back to the restaurant industry.

In late 2015, while working part-time as a grill cook. I made the choice to get back into massage therapy, working from home. My skills and experience accelerated beyond what I had expected. As business grew, week after week. I was able to retire myself from the restaurant industry to focus my new passion as a true massage therapist. 

As I made a difference in how others felt after utilizing my services. Some who never had a massage before, were convinced that massage therapy helps with many issues. Whether it's mentally or physically. Being able to relate to others from all walks of life, is very interestingly amazing.